Release Notes

Version 2022.38.1

Single Board stack

Hardware and setup improvements

Tesla Android does not need two Raspberry Pi boards anymore! Version 2022.38.1 is based only on Android. This marks a significant milestone for the project and greatly lowers the barrier of entry both in terms of cost and ease of setup.

Browser Audio

Stability and volume improvements

Version 2022.38.1 brings fixes to the browser audio streaming module. The output volume has been adjusted to match Bluetooth music playback when using CarPlay. Audio capture service on Android is now a persistent system service that doesn’t need to request permissions and automatically restarts on failure. Bandwidth consumption has been significantly reduced when the music is not playing.

Offline Mode

Support for the Chinese market and bugfixes

Single board stack includes an updated version of the Offline mode introduced in version 2022.27.1. Connectivity is now handled directly within the Android system, Pi-hole is no longer required. Thanks to the community input Tesla Android works better in China - version 2022.38.1 includes fixes for connection dropouts due to different API endpoints in this market.


Hotspot improvements

With Tesla Android Single Board you can now manage your Hotspot settings directly in your Tesla. Updating your network name and credentials is now possible in the Android Settings app.

Virtual display

Backend improvements and bugfixes

Starting with version 2022.38.1 Tesla Android does not use Ustreamer for video streaming. Single board stack uses a modified version of mjpg_streamer built with Android NDK. The new solution is modular and was chosen with bringing direct framebuffer capture to Tesla Android in mind. Resolution of the virtual display has been updated to match the Tesla Browser viewport introduced with Tesla Version 2022.24.

Flutter Frontend

Stability improvements

Flutter Frontend has been updated in order to improve user experience. Framework version has been bumped to 3.3.

Version 2022.27.1

Offline Mode

LTE modem is now optional

Starting with version 2022.27.1 the LTE modem is not required for Tesla Android to maintain connection with your car. Keep in mind that certain online features might not be available in your car as it expects the Wi-Fi network to replace the connectivity provided by Tesla. When using the Offline Mode turning off Wi-Fi on your touchscreen or powering off Tesla Android is required for accessing your car with the Tesla Mobile App while parked. Tesla Android can still be used to provide internet to your car like in previous build - no extra configuration changes are required.


Persistent connection with your Tesla

As a result of introducing the new Offline Mode Wi-Fi stability and connection times have been significantly improved. If you use the (now optional) LTE modem to get a full Android experience your Wi-Fi with the car won’t disconnect when there is no LTE coverage(highways, underground parking etc).

Virtual display

Quality improvements

Video stream quality has been slightly improved after reducing the image compression.

Flutter Frontend

Stability improvements

Flutter Frontend has been updated in order to improve user experience. Framework version has been bumped to 3.0.4. Rendering engine has been switched to HTML from CanvasKit due to problems with offline loading in Flutter.

Version 2022.25.1

Virtual display

Performance improvements

Display component has been refactored in order to allow up to 60Hz refresh rate. Tesla Android will now behave normally when loaded in Drive or Reverse. Simplification of video stack improves stability of the Flutter application running in the Tesla Browser.

Audio Output

Combined audio streams

Audio from Android is routed directly to your Tesla Browser. Playback is allowed even when Drive or Reverse is engaged, meaning that there is no need to pair Tesla Android with your car using Bluetooth(Bluetooth link with the car is only used by your phone for Android Auto or CarPlay). Audio output from Tesla Browser does not pause media playback from Tesla OS or CarPlay. In order to active this feature open Audio Capture app on your Tesla Android after installing the OS. It will automatically launch on each boot later. Audio Capture can be terminated using a button present in the status notification. Not all apps support audio capture, this restriction will be removed in a feature update.

Flutter Frontend

Stability improvements

Flutter Frontend has been updated in order to improve user experience. Loading times have been improved significantly. All major components of the app now have proper state management and error handling.

Android Platform

Move to Android 12.1

Tesla Android has been migrated to Android 12.1 from AOSP Master in order to improve stability. Release 2022.25.1 includes Android security updates up to May 5, 2022.

Orientation lock

All apps launch in landscape

Tesla Android now includes a working orientation lock for third party apps. This feature allows phone apps like Apple Music to launch in landscape.

Google Play Store

App discoverability

Google Play Store has been replaced with Aurora Store, an Open Source alternative that includes Device Spoofing(emulating Google certification). Google Play Services have been replaced with microG(Open Source Google Apps). FDroid(Open Source App Store that does not rely on Google Play Store) is also included.”,

Video Streaming

DRM support

Tesla Android now supports DRM video playback. Apps like Netflix function normally in version 2022.25.1.


Audio/Video improvements

Default resolution of CarPlay is a perfect match for Tesla Android in this release(no content overlapping in audio apps). Navigation sounds also work, however this feature is active only when Tesla Browser is active.


Simplified device configuration

Setup process of Tesla Android has been simplified, meaning several steps are no longer needed(obtaining a device identifier for Google Services, switching CarPlay resolution etc).

Version 2022.18.1

Initial release

Install guide Source code

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