Hardware requirements (2022.38.1)

Older versions

If you wish to run the legacy dual board configuration check out this link:

Component Description
Raspberry Pi 4 Main device for running Android. 4GB of RAM recommended
Geekworm TC358743XBG HDMI-CSI-2 Required for video capture
Short microHDMI to HDMI cable Connects Android video out to HDMI to CSI adapter
Argon Mini Fan Cooling for Raspberry Pi 4, after testing multiple solutions I can only recommend this one.


Component Description
Open housing for Raspberry Pi 4 Makes cable management easy, allows all the hardware to fit into the center console
CarlinKit CPC200-Autokit, CPC200-CCPA If you intend to use any form of CarPlay or Android Auto (wireless or wired). For wireless Android Auto order the new model: CPC200-CCPA
Huawei E3372(Europe), Alcatel IK41VE1(Europe), Alcatel IK41UC(North America) Optional LTE modem, can be replaced with a different model that works on Raspbian out of the box. The modem is required if you plan on using Premium Connectivity features like online routing alongside Tesla Android.


Geekworm TC358743XBG HDMI-CSI-2 is the next component that will be removed from the hardware requirements.

YouTube Install guide

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